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Dialectics and Spinoza

“Have you ever wondered why sociologists still study Marx if he was wrong?” (Erik Olin Wright, “Analytical Marxism”) This fragment grew into a series of YouTube videos: Rationalism and Socialism The time has come for socialists to reconsider Spinoza. As Macherey put it in his 1979 book Hegel or Spinoza, “the entire problem is that […]

Dear Diary, LF theory of action

You absorb more philosophy than you realize when you study math. Choices, commitments to specific philosophical doctrines, were collectively made long before our modern textbooks were written. As I attempt a transition to social science research, I feel I should revisit some of these choices. This document is a repository for reflections—basically diary entries—undertaken for […]

Capital for STEM majors (works in progress)

Resources linked in this doc: Worksheet: Extracting surplus value from workers (code for applet at bottom of page) Applet (requires Mathematica): Formation of a general rate of profit PDF: Notes on Marx’s mathematical model in Capital Slideshows—super unfinished: 2. What is money? 3. Circulation, surplus value and labor-power 1. Extracting surplus value from workers (2021) […]

Cluster analysis of kink role affinity scores

Slideshow (PDF) Peer review for an article presenting the method and results of this project was completed in January 2022. The article will be published in 2022 by the Journal of Homosexuality. The slideshow appearing here contains a few full-color figures that couldn’t appear in the (black-and-white) forthcoming print version.