Calculus 1 applets

In this YouTube video, about a dozen Mathematica applets for Calculus 1 are presented. For sample screenshots, scroll down.

  • If you’re only interested in the applets, skip to the blue title bars:

This grant work was sponsored by USG’s Affordable Learning Georgia initiative, which provides funding for creating open source materials. More open source materials funded by Affordable Learning Georgia can be viewed at their ALG Featured Speakers Series webpage.

Download link:

Download Mathematica applets (NB or CDF)

  • Download the CDF files for students.
    • These are fully functional applets that can be run using the free software Wolfram CDF Player (downloadable here).
  • The NB files require a license for Mathematica.
    • They’re the same applets, but the NB files include editable source code.

Presentation and slideshow for educators:


Exploring the relationships between the graphs of f and its first two derivatives. The crosshairs can be clicked and dragged to change the shape of the graph of f.
Finding intervals of increase/decrease using test points
Outline of the solution of a related rates problem. As the slider is used to change the value of x, the dashed line representing the vertical distance Q(x) between the two parabolas moves on the graph.

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