Labor and capital in Quantitative Reasoning

The worksheets linked below develop financial and economic themes, including labor exploitation, throughout the first half of our Quantitative Reasoning course (up to the Financial Math unit).

For example, Worksheet 2 draws a connection between hourly wage rates—which students understand intuitively from everyday life—and proportion equations for similar triangles.

The mathematical model of labor exploitation presented by Marx in Capital Vol. 1, Ch. 11 is incorporated in Worksheet #3. Basic concepts including capital, property, and interest are defined in Worksheet #5.

Worksheet #1: Decimals, Fractions, and Proportions

Worksheet #2: Triangles, polygons, and circles

Worksheet #3: The rectangular coordinate system

Worksheet #4: Two-variable data

Worksheet #5: Percentages and Capital

Worksheet #6: Financial formulas

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